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Interviewing Eco-Hero Maya Penn: The "We Can Be Heroes" Newsletter

As part of my book One Green Thing: Discover Your Hidden Power to Help Save the Planet, I interview 21 Eco-Heroes that each reflect the seven different Service Superpower (TM) profiles.

I realized that more people needed to "see" themselves in climate action. You don't have to have a PhD to be part of the climate movement. We need as many people as possible leveraging their personal strengths and talents in climate action in ways that work for them.

I've recently launched the We Can Be Heroes Newsletter on Linked In. Subscribe for compelling stories, career and life advice from leaders in sustainability, climate action, service leadership, and wellness.

I'm honored that Eco-Hero, Gen Z activist, artist, and entrepreneur Maya Penn joined me to share her inspiring journey.

You can tune into the full interview here:

Eco Hero (yes, she’s the Philanthropist Service Superpower) Maya Penn is an animator, author, artist, entrepreneur, fashion designer, three time TED speaker & all around wonderful person.

If you need some joy & hope today, this is the interview for you! Here is the summary of the interview via my Linked In Newsletter.

Learn more about Maya’s upcoming project, an animated short Asali Movie with EGOT winner Viola Davis & her husband Julius Tennon as executive producers through Juvee Productions.

Find out how she started her first sustainable fashion business when she was 8 years old, the best life advice she has received & what Maya hopes her future loved ones will thank her for & how she wants to be an awesome ancestor.

I’m also honored to profile Maya in my book and to have her serve on the board of my nonprofit OneGreenThing and to call her my friend.

We CAN create a healthier, greener, more equitable future.


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