Upcoming Events

  • Fri, Jan 22
    Zoom Seminar
    Managing Eco-Anxiety & How to Help Gen Z
    Gen Z experiences significant anxiety about the state of the world. After the events of 2020, that's not surprising. We'll discuss ways to help Gen Z manage eco-anxiety and how to action together.
  • Tue, Feb 02
    Zoom Seminar
    Diet & Climate: How does What I Eat & How Our Food is Grown Affect the Climate?
    The connection between our health and climate change is well-established. This 45 minute discussion talks about how plant-based diets can help in the fight against the climate crisis.
  • Wed, Feb 10
    Zoom Seminar
    The Eco-Action Bullet Journal: Creativity Can Help With Eco-Anxiety
    Did you download the free Eco-Action Bullet Journal? Join Heather for this 30 minute seminar to talk about the benefits of and how to bullet journal to keep track of your environmental advocacy and feelings about climate change.

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