Upcoming Events

Tue, Nov 10
Zoom Seminar
The Elections are Over: Now What?
2020 has been something else. Discussion on what the election outcome- clear winner or not -- means for eco-anxiety and eco-action and how we use the dumpster fire of 2020 as a catalyst for hope and change.
Thu, Nov 19
Zoom Seminar
Eco-Anxiety Seminar: Creating Your Family Eco-Action Plan
Greta warns us that our house in on fire. Join Heather for this 30 minute seminar on how to create a family action plan to tackle your eco-anxiety and reset to green for a brighter future.
Thu, Dec 03
Zoom Seminar
Battling Eco-Anxiety Seminar
2020 has taken its toll.This free 30 minute seminar will discuss 5 simple strategies to combat eco-anxiety by taking action for a healthier, greener world.
Wed, Dec 09
Zoom Seminar
Year End Giving: What Will Make The Biggest Impact on Climate Action?
Connect with Heather for a 30-minute discussion on philanthropy and an overview of philanthropic giving in the climate space. Action can reduce eco-anxiety, including charitable giving.

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