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My TED Talk: Think Like An Awesome Ancestor

The past year has been filled with so much love, grace, and warmth as I launched my book tour and entered the second year of operations of my start up nonprofit OneGreenThing.

Today marks another exciting milestone: my TED talk from TEDxBoston went live.

Inspired by my kids, I tell the story of why I started researching the mental health impacts of the climate crisis and how I realized that more people needed to "see themselves" in the movement. Even after 20 plus years in climate policy and environmental law, I explain what helped me level up my advocacy.

Check out my talk "Think Like An Awesome Ancestor: A Daily Practice to Ease Eco-Anxiety" :

I explain that:

"Environmentalists like me after start the conversation on climate action with the WHAT. Do this, not THAT instead of asking the essential question WHO are you?"

Research shows that people are more likely to change their behavior if the new action connects to their identity. (I explain the Laws of Change in my book One Green Thing.) That's why I created the Service Superpower (TM) assessment. Think of it like Enneagram or Myers-Briggs. It helps you identify WHO you are in SERVICE to the people you love.

You can take the 5 minute assessment here.

From there, you then adopt a daily practice of sustainability based on your unique talents in service. This #onegreenthing helps ease eco-anxiety and shift the culture to big climate solutions.

Above all, climate action is fueled by love - love for our families and for our future loved ones. Yes, the ones we haven't met yet. It's our turn to pay it forward and think of ourselves as ancestors.

Please watch the talk, like, and share on social!

We CAN create a healthier, greener, more equitable world an be the awesome ancestors our future loved ones deserve.


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