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Leaning into What's Possible

What if we get it right? What does the clean energy future look like? Feel like? Smell like? How CAN we envision making the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals REAL by 2030?

A bright, inquisitive fifth-grader pointed out, "What we need is a simulation. Something we can step into to see and feel what these goals mean. Does that exist? How can we visualize what we're working toward?"

EXACTLY. We have seven years to tackle climate change. It's the biggest challenge of our time. It will take all of our creativity and best-thinking.

Let's start talking about WHAT we are working TOWARD, not just fighting against. I'll be investigating opportunities for VISUALIZING what we CAN create together. For now, check out this visualization exercise from my book.

I loved my time last week at Marin Country Day School talking with parents, students, faculty and staff. The school itself is a sustainable dream.

It's a living laboratory of what's possible.

We talked about climate action, eco-anxiety & policy change & individual action.

We found our Service Superpowers & thought about

what a clean energy future could look like. What if we get it right?!?

It was exhilarating to see sustainability in action at the stunning MCDS campus - complete with solar panels, daily hikes, a culinary garden, and beautiful, climate-smart school meals.

Spending time with the MCDS community was also such a wonderful opportunity to connect students with OneGreenThing - the book and the movement.

We CAN do this - we can be forces of positive change. The climate crisis isn’t all in young people’s shoulders. They need to know that they are NOT alone.

Thank you to OGT National Advisory Council member Stephanie Deitz !


Added bonus: signing stock at Barnes & Noble in Corte Madera!


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