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Conversation with Eco-Hero Asher Jay, the "real life Lara Croft" - We Can Be Heroes Newsletter

I sat down with Eco-Hero Asher Jay for "We Can Be Heroes" my Linked In Newsletter to talk about Asher's work as a creator, entrepreneur, and climate activist.

I talked with Asher about art, climate change, and her new start up Henocene. Asher’s Service Superpower Profile is the Adventurer. She embraces the physicality of the outdoors, is a hands-on learner, and rarely sits still. Asher's artistic campaigns have inspired millions and her new business aims to take social impact to scale.

Called the "real life Lara Croft," Asher's creativity, energy, and compassion fueled her transition from fashion student to National Geographic Explorer to tech entrepreneur. (To find your Service Superpower, take the five minute assessment here.)

I'm honored that Asher serves on the board of directors of my nonprofit, OneGreenThing, and that she's featured in my book as an Eco-Hero, and of course, that she's a dear friend.

Check out our full conversation here and be sure to subscribe to my Linkedin Newsletter.

Learn more about Asher by checking out her website and, and follow her on Linked InFacebook and Instagram.


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