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Unboxing Holiday Inspiration from Made Safe

How fun to receive this “holiday inspiration box” from Made Safe! I write about MADE SAFE® in my book. They are the only human health and ecosystem-focused product certification program. They don’t compromise on ingredient safety. They help connect shoppers with goods that reflect their values for a healthier life and planet. Their mission is to revolutionize how consumer products are made, thereby eliminating the use of harmful chemicals from the marketplace to ensure a safe and sustainable future for all.

MADE SAFE is so much more than a certification program - it’s a philosophy of change in practice.

Excited to try out the winners of their ingredient safety awards and these other sustainable brands. I write about the importance of “Voting with Your Wallet” in my book One Green Thing. And choosing safer, healthier, greener brands is a powerful #onegreenthing. I also serve on the advisory committee for Made Safe, founded by the indefatigable Amy Ziff.

Here are the 2023 award winners:

And all kids of other cool brands are in the gift box, too check out - Fontana Candle Company, Meliora Cleaning Products, Blueland, and and many more!!!

Visit for more info on greener, healthier, safer products for you and your family.


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