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Thanks for the Lessons 2023!

Thank you 2023 for all the lessons, memories, challenges, opportunities, and beauty.

As  a wise 51-year-old, I know that every moment is precious and that nothing is promised.

I’m leaning into the fragility of it all with deep appreciation, compassion, and gratitude.  

Author Heather White holding up her book at Barnes & Noble, December 2023
Signing books at Barnes & Noble

On the personal front, we enjoyed family trips to the Galapagos, Zacatecas, Mexico, the Outer Banks, Nashville, Williamsburg, and so many more. My firstborn moved out and went to college. My younger kid had a life changing experience at art school this summer. My best friend got married!  Our wonderful au pair had a storybook wedding as well. Our health is good!  

Fun fact: David and I were interviewed by Yellowstone Public Radio on the same day. He talked about grizzly bears and I discussed climate anxiety.

Here's a recap from the year. Yes, I'm on TikTok. Feel free to cringe. My kids sure are. Taylor provided the soundtrack, of course.

Even though 2023 was Taylor's year, we saw incredible concerts- War & The Treaty, Ani DiFranco, Sugar, Andrew Bird, and BrazilBilly - and countless other live musicians in Nasvhille. Post-pandemic I've appreciated live music even more. Here's a link to War & the Treaty at the Americana Music Awards. You're welcome!

We spent lots of time in nature at Hyalite, in the Galapagos, and in & around Montana. 

I embraced radical self-acceptance and gratitude this year.

I also realized that sometimes timing just “is” - you can’t control it - as remarkable people & opportunities came into my life quite unexpectedly with enthusiasm, encouragement, and joy. 

OneGreenThing is picking up steam with press hits in the Wall Street Journal, Shondaland, Fortune, KQED, and many other outlets.

My Ted talk went live in February. 

One Green Thing the book was selected by Silicon Valley Reads as a featured book in 2024, along with The Light Pirate and All We Can Save.

My second book comes out on April 9th, 2024! More soon!

Heather White Strategies, LLC is humming along -we’ve raised millions for our clients, directed strategic planning and branding, and it’s rewarding and fun. I’ve spoken around the country to big brands like TIAA, Amazon Web Services, Hearst and schools like USC, Arizona State, UT,  Bozeman Library, Wheatgrass Books, Marin Country Day, and Community Roots Academy in Laguna Nigel, and other K-12 schools across the country. It's so much fun to teach law again after all these years. I'm enjoying my law school class on climate leadership at UT College of Law.

Most of all, though, I deeply appreciate family, friends, and community.

We all want connection. We can't go it alone. Please reach out and connect. Reciprocity is essential. Let me know how I can help. I love hearing from readers and, of course, friends and colleagues, too.

My inner work has been focused on Toni Morrison’s beautiful advice. "Your real life is here, with your family... You are not the work you do, you are the person you are."

I am not my job but I sure am having fun.

Despite the record-breaking heat and climate catastrophes, I am more hopeful than ever that we CAN create a greener, healthier, more just future and be the awesome ancestors our future loved ones deserve.

Thank you for all the love and support. 

Onward to 2024!


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