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10 Must-Read Books to Gift Your Loved Ones this Holiday Season

'Tis the Season to enjoy time with family and friends and sit back, slow down, reflect, and READ.

This holiday season these are the books I'm sharing with family and friends. This is a collection of books about climate action (of course), our American identity and nationality, storytelling, work and well-being, and the power of connecting. Hope you enjoy!

  • The Light Pirate by Lily Brooks-Dalton - a Good Morning America book club pick that paints a stark, but poignant picture of the future in a warming world

  • The Perfect Story by Karen Eber - a fantastic "how to" on story telling from work presentations to entertaining your friends

  • Work Well Together by Jen Fisher - how to address burnout in the time of remote work and the feeling of being "on" 24-7 by a OneGreenThing board member

  • True West by Dr. Betsy Gaines Quammen - a deep dive into the myths of Manifest Destiny and the American cowboy that shape the experience of the American West

  • The Women They Wanted by Shannon Harris- my dear high school friend writes about how she left her church and found herself in this captivating book

  • The Good Ancestor by Roman Krznaric - a manifesto on how we must ascribe to radical empathy for future generations and act on their behalf

  • Return to Nature by Emma Loewe- a gorgeous book and easy read with insightful research on how time in nature makes us more creative, kind, and at peace

  • The Lost Art of Connecting by Susan McPherson- this handbook on how to develop meaningful connections in business and in life will inspire you to help others

  • Where to Begin by Cleo Wade - this thought-provoking collection of poetry and essays that shows our big world is a made up of a collection of all of our small actions

  • Caste- by Isabel Wilkerson - a breathtaking work of nonfiction that probes the concept of caste systems across societies, winner of the Pultizer Prize

  • Intersectional Environmentalist by Leah Thomas - a brilliant overview of how race and justice intersect with climate action and how you can get involved

Not pictured, but please check out:

  • The Joy of Well-Being by Colleen & Jason Wachob - a compelling guide that breaks through the noise to provide actionable advice on leading a more fulfilling life

  • Midnight Rambler by Don Carr - a fast-paced eco-thriller that will leave you wanting more

  • Blitz by Demetrius Jones (a lawschool classmate of mine) -a light-hearted, barrier breaking young adult book in the spirit of A Wrinkle in Time that asks what would happen if you could control NFL games through a Playstation

And of course -- One Green Thing is a great holiday gift for the curious to the committed in the climate movement.

Sustainable Gifts

My favorite #onegreenthings this holiday season include:

Experiences, Not Things

Check out these Sustainable Holiday ideas from OneGreenThing here to "green up" your holidays."

My favorite? Be intentional with your family conversations and connections with friends. Bring out the photo albums, watch old home movies, and talk about resilience and commitment.


Did you know I take the OneGreenThing Service Superpower Assessment and apply it to environmental nonprofits? There's a complete list in the appendix of One Green Thing. I also go through my recommendations in this online workshop.

And of course, please consider supporting my nonprofit OneGreenThing as we work to tackle eco-anxiety.

Thank you for all the love and support this holiday season .


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