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Speak Up for the Planet!

537 votes can make all the difference

New York Times Front Page, November 22, 2000. Arrow points to young Heather White with other recount lawyers in Miami, Florida.

My #onegreenthing is a not so gentle reminder that 537 votes in Florida made a big difference 20 years ago.

Your vote matters!

I know because I was a Recount Attorney for fellow Tennesseean Vice President Al Gore. He wrote Earth in the Balance and inspired me to study environmental science and environmental law. I was in Florida for 30 of the 36 days, and worked as Recount Attorney in 8 different counties.

My mom kept this New York Times front page. That's me- with Jack Young and so many others in Miami-Dade during the 2000 recount.

Do you remember the Brooks Brothers Riots? Who remembers that Cheney had a heart attack during the recount? Insane times, but America was calm. We believed in the process and our institutions. Voting is how we'll save them.

Let's keep the turn out momentum and break all records! And let's work to make sure this thing is over next week and we welcome #BidenHarris2020 to the White House next year.

Let's dig deep, give until it hurts, call and organize until you've left it all on field to make sure this not a "do-over" of 2016 or 2000.

Like our beloved Senior Senator of Montana Jon Tester recently said, "run through the tape!"

Grateful for the Gore 2000 team then and now for all your amazing work the past 20 years!


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