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Listening to Our Kids about Climate Change

There's a lot of resources out there on talking to our kids about climate change, but the research is clear -- it's time to LISTEN. That's the biggest takeaway for me this year -- the second year of the pandemic.

For today's #ThrowbackThursday I'm reflecting back a few months to September 2021, when Cady and their friends organized the Bozeman Climate Strike. This pandemic has taken its toll on all of us - but especially young people. Gen Z is the loneliest generation, too.

Cady's insistence on joining the 2019 strike and my ridiculous response (why don't I drive you there? LOL!) sent me on this journey researching the connections between mental health and the climate crisis.

In 2021, they helped organize the strike. I'm proud of their action and also glad I created the space to LISTEN to them about #climatechange. Even with twenty years professional experience in environmental advocacy, I knew it was time to step up my game.

It's on us to make sure they know that the future isn't all on their shoulders. We're here to create a better path forward. Thinking about #climateaction #intergenerationalpartnership #ecoanxiety and all the opportunities ahead to create a brighter, greener, future.

Photo Credit: Hawk Student Paper


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