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Introducing Heather White Strategies

A new year. A new decade. A new adventure. I'm excited to announce Heather White Strategies, LLC, my new consulting firm that partners with businesses, foundations, and nonprofits to create a healthier, greener world for the next generation. Services include strategic planning, philanthropic advising, and fundraising, marketing, and advocacy campaigns. Given the huge social and environmental challenges ahead, I look forward to continuing my work helping drive the necessary change to create a more sustainable future.

Here's the fun instagram launch video (@heatherwhitestrategies).

Thanks to my dear colleagues across the country who encouraged me to go out on my own and of course, to my wonderful family who, like me, love adventure and have fallen in love with the Greater Yellowstone.

Here's to the Roaring Twenties and to working together to create a healthier, greener world. Whether its climate change, environmental health, or social justice, we have so much collective work to do.


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