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Check in with the Young People You Love: Eco-anxiety Takes Hold

The news is grim. The war in Ukraine, last week's IPCC report that the UN Chief called "an atlas of human suffering," the ongoing pandemic around the world, systemic racism, attacks on transgendered kids, ongoing inequality.

As my kids remind me, its A LOT to take in.

Make space for the Gen Zers you know. Listen to how they're feeling. Ask them about what they're hearing. Let them express all the feelings associated with the intense stress we're experiencing as a planet.

Also let them know that you can't go it alone.

Talk about compassion, hope, and community. Remind them that we've done big things on a societal level before. And that we have to also focus on what we can control as global events seem to spiral. Everything from meditation to volunteering to calling our elected officials makes a difference.

I created the nonprofit OneGreenThing to help tackle eco-anxiety through daily action. The climate crisis will take all of our best thinking. We need YOU in the movement.

Check out this short video that I created for OneGreenThing to discuss Intergenerational conversations on climate action and how my book One Green Thing: Discover Your Hidden Power to Help Save the Planet (HarperCollins 4/19/22) walks readers through developing an eco-action plan together with your family, friends, or community.

The key is that we have to think beyond our age.

More soon as we get the nonprofit up and running and my book launched. In the meantime, hold those young people close and let them know that this crisis isn't just on their shoulders.

The pandemic surely taught us is that our lives are inextricably linked; we're all in this together.


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