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Quote of the Day: On Giving & Purpose

This quote from writer Ursula K. Le Guin inspires me. It's not my usual background photography from the Greater Yellowstone. This time the image is from Jamaica. My latest adventure underscored what a beautiful, diverse planet we inhabit. I came back to Montana with a renewed sense of purpose and wonder for the world.

Le Guin reminds us that from our love to our time and attention, we are what we give. The nonprofit sector centers around giving and social change. The enormous challenges we face as a society will take all of our collective passion, creativity, time, and resources. Whether it's board service, volunteering, or making charitable contributions, there are many ways to support the causes you care about. Learn. Connect. Give. I'm honored to support the nonprofit sector and excited about what we have and will can accomplish. Together we can make a huge difference and create a healthier, greener world.


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