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Pando: A Metaphor for Connection

My #onegreenthing today is thinking about "Pando," the largest organism on earth.

Pando is a stand of quaking aspen in Fishlake National Forest in Utah. Scientists have determined that it is one organism - even though there is a road and campsite in the aspen stand. The 47,000 or so individual aspen clones share a root system, food, and photosynthesis. This organism is likely 80,000 to possibly one million years old. Unfortunately, climate change and uncontrolled grazing are putting Pando at risk.

Photo credit: John Zapell, US Forest Service.

The science of Pando, which means "to spread out" in Latin, is amazing and so is the metaphor that we are all connected.

This global pandemic makes that clear. Humans are interlinked biologically, ecologically, financially, and spiritually. We share so much and we depend on each other.

I'm spending a few moments to marvel at the natural world and to remember how much we need each other.

Compassion has to be part of our Reset to Green as we emerge from these converging crises of 2020.

I'm doing what I can one thing and one day at a time.

Read more about Pando here:


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