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It's a BCD! (A Big Climate Deal)

Yesterday's razor thin win in the United States Senate is a game-changer for climate action. The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is a Big, Big Climate Deal. It puts the United States on track to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 41% by 2030 and invests nearly $370 billion in climate solutions.

From tax credits for electric cars to making community solar more available, this historic legislation puts the United States on the path to a clean energy future. The bill is by no means perfect, but make no mistake -- this legislation is essential to get us on track to meet our commitments for the Paris Agreement and to the next generation.

White background, green border with a Capitol Building and an Earth. Black letters' "It's a BCD or "Big Climate Deal!"
It's a Big Climate Deal (Click for the Instagram post!)

  • Building efficiency & electrification tax credits

  • Clean manufacturing tax credits

  • Greenhouse gas reduction fund

  • Clean energy tax credits extended by 10 years

  • -$60 billion in solar panels, batteries & clean energy tech that will create new jobs

  • $9 billion in home energy rebate programs

  • $3 billion to the US Postal Service to have an electric fleet

  • $1 billion for clean school buses & garbage trucks

  • $550 million in energy assistance for energy and water bills

  • More than $20 billion to help farms shift to sustainable ag

  • Nearly $4 billion into nature based solutions

All eyes are on the House of Representatives this week, where the bill will likely pass and be signed by President Biden. To dig in, check out the White House's official Statement of Administrative Policy. We still have so much work to do, but let's take a moment and realize that maybe, just maybe we can be the ancestors our future loved ones deserve.

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