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Attention Adults: Step Away from Your Computer & Get Outside

Photo Credit: Heather White. Rainbow in Yellowstone National Park.

I heard the phrase “go outside and play” every day of the summer when I was growing up. It was quickly followed up with a “be back by supper” directive from my mom.

In this age of constantly being plugged in and up-to-date on all things, we need to harken back to those days.

Grown ups need to make time for outdoor play.

We owe it to our kids. Study after peer-reviewed study shows that time outside makes us fitter, happier, and less stressed out. In the book The Nature Fix , author Florence Williams explains that we are all hard-wired to connect with nature. Even five minutes outside can lower blood pressure and increase a sense of well-being. In January 2020, the Outdoor Industry Association released a study that showed only 50% of Americans spent time outside for fun last year.

Heather White is a nationally-recognized sustainability leader and nonprofit executive, and expert on conservation law and policy. When she’s not writing or helping clients, you can catch her on a local trail in the Greater Yellowstone. She is the President & CEO of Heather White Strategies, LLC and former President and CEO of Yellowstone Forever, past Executive Director of EWG and Senate staffer. She’s a frequent spokesperson in national media and has significant experience serving on national nonprofit boards.


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