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Buh-Bye 2021! Onward & Upward to '22

Happy New Year!

So many wonderful lessons from 2021. It was a tough year, but full of wonderful #OneGreenThings with family and friends. As I continue to write and research about eco-anxiety and the climate crisis, it's clear to me that science, love, and service got me through 2021.

My biggest lesson comes from the Mayo Clinic, where the motto is "Science is an act of love."

Vaccines, heart surgeries, and life saving medical procedures were front and center for my loved ones this year. Feeling #blessed and also knowing not to take a single second for granted.

Top Nine of 2021. Ready for this pandemic to be over!

Science, service, and love - a powerful trio that brought me hope and joy personally and professionally.

In the middle of pandemic life, there were Shakespeare Zooms, lake time with friends, cabin visits with family, and swims at the Hot Springs.

Time in nature brought me rest, perspective, and energy.

On the work front, I launched the nonprofit and wrote a book (more soon!)

At the center of it all is moving from hope to action for a more sustainable, just, and regenerative world for the next generation.

Lots of look forward to in 2022.

Wishing you all health, happiness, and joy!


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